What is the project?


 The project to create the "Hijos del Bosque Reserve" is a non-profit organization (NGO) founded in December 2018 whose purpose is the creation and maintenance of an animal sanctuary specializing in wild animals, that is: species hunting.


Currently in our country (Spain) most wild animals, " (deer, wild boar, roe deer, fallow deer ...) are considered a pest and in very few places offer them help or are really safe. In most places they are considered merely numbers and that is why we are in the moral obligation to create this reserve. A place in the forest where these "unrecoverable" and / or injured animals can have a safe home forever.


We are very aware of the respect for the nature of each individual. That is why those animals that are found injured and are totally wild and capable of recovering their life in freedom will be released. However, those considered irrecoverable will have a permanent home in the reserve. With the pretense that they live their lives in the most similar way to those that had lived in freedom.


But for all this, we first need to buy a piece of land that fulfills a series of characteristics so that future inhabitants can live totally safe forever.


We know it's a long process, but we also know that together we can make it happen. 

about us



María Álvarez, co-founder and art director of Titipandi is the founder of the reserve project "Hijos del Bosque".  Nature&wildlife photographer, writer, creative and very hyperactive.


(@maria.galvarez, @nativegaia)


With the help of David Alonso.



 I have always been close to animals and luckily I have always been very connected with nature. I didn't  have a childhood for anything urban, lived away from the center and always preferred to be with animals and nature, lost in the woods or walking on the beach and how could it be otherwise, I ended up being an activist.


When I turned 18 I became independent and always looked for secluded places to live, as close to nature as possible. Although it was an open field with 4 trees.


With time I trained and fulfilled my dream of becoming a photographer. I specialized in nature and wildlife and moved to live in the mountains. It was then that I realized the situation of harassment and helplessness in which wild animals are found in Spain. I couldn't  look away, I had to protect what I love so much and that is why I decided that it was very necessary to create the project.



The work of the reserve will be based on several pillars:


1- Rescue, give asylum and reintroduce wild animals. All this depending on your individual needs. Some may be returned to their natural environment while others (injured with sequelae, imprinted ... etc) will remain forever in the reserve living a life similar to what would have been their life in nature.


2- Conservation of the natural environment. The environment is something we are very aware of, protecting nature is protecting our home and the home of those who will come, so in the reserve we will try to preserve it as best as possible.


3- Educate, show, raise awareness. It is very necessary that the situation of wild animals is known, just as it is known that our acts affect the natural environment, so it is necessary that among the tasks of the reserve is to guide all those who they need it.


It is still early to answer that. The project to create an animal reserve / sanctuary is a very long process and unfortunately very slow. More if it is savage because they require special conditions both at the facility level and at the bureaucratic level (it is not the same to have a sheep as a boar).


Before creating the sanctuary, we have to make sure that the place meets certain characteristics, for example:


-It must be a big piece of land, since wild animals need a lot more space.

-It must be able to fence so that the animals are safe.

-It should not be in the middle of a hunting ground (we will save you from telling you everything that can happen).

-It must be a forest land, since wild animals are mostly prey and need to feel safe with places to hide, as well as being their natural habitat and we must respect it.

-It must be accessible by car because to transport animals, volunteer, veterinary visits ... and a long etc you need to be able to enter and leave with a vehicle.

- Another important point is that there are veterinarians specialized in wild animals nearby.


For now we can say that the place that more or less fulfills everything for now is the area of Catalonia, but from here to get all the money together the situation may have changed.


As we explained from the beginning, it is a slow process since it takes a lot of money and we are talking about the safety of many lives, so we don't  have to do things quickly. Right now we are raising money (you can see how to help here).


Minimum will take 3-4 years since we not only talk about collecting the money to buy the land, but then you have to prepare it, adapt it to the needs of the animals, fence it, build quarantines, nursing, volunteer house .... etc .


It's a long process, but between all of us we can make it happen before. We'll achieve it for sure!


Of course. We want you to feel an active part of this, so from the moment we start building we will need help. Anyway, while that moment arrives you can help in many other ways (you can see it here)


If due to force majeure (very major) the project was canceled, all proceeds would go to other animal sanctuaries.